Agora Space

Token-Gated Access for DAOs and Social Tokens

Building essentials for internet

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What is
Agora Space?

Agora Space connects Discord, Twitter and other social media platforms with the blockchain providing a range of tools to upgrade DAOs and Social Token communities.

Our vision is to supercharge Web3 adoption by creating gasless, multichain and platform-agnostic solutions, without sacrificing decentralisation or privacy.

Great thinkers are with us

Aristotle portrait

Trustless financial contracts
are essential for a DAO2DAO future.”


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Token-gated communities
create the perfect foundation for Sybil-Resistant decision-making and rewarding mechanisms.”


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Gasless web3 applications
unleash the burden of onboarding millions to DAOs”


Who is Agora Space for?

Those who want to make their community more efficient and rewarding

Key technologies

Social Oracle Layer

Two way social media integration Powered by Witnet to the blockchain creating a circular information flow.

On-chain Privacy

Zero knowledge based self-sovereign identity management system for keeping the link between your social media accounts and wallets private. This allows a private decision making and sybil attack resistency for many cases.

Permissionless Tools

Fully open-source, hosted on IPFS.


Spaces can have their own custom domain name and unique appearance.


We integrate every major EVM-compatible blockchains and L2s besides Solana and Near.

Agora Space Dao

Our tools are collectively governed by a group of the most experienced Web3 builders, token community managers and DAOs.